March 7

Monday – Woke up late and had to scramble to get to work 15 minutes late. Guess my late night caught up with me. Busy, busy at work.
I forgot my work out clothes in the rush of the morning so no Zumba with Nicole tonight.

While my supper was cooking – a hamburger, salsa, bean and corn chili which turned out very, very tasty – I cleaned out the bottom part of the pantry. I know how to have a good time! (And I now know that I don’t need to buy anymore diced tomatoes for a month or two – for some reason I seem to be stockpiling them!)

Had to throw away a few past dated items (including one box of cereal that was purchased while Leslie was still in high school. Guess we’re not eating much cereal these days). My garbage guy is a little concerned about the extra output this week. Sorry Paul!

One step up from taxes is cleaning the pantry.

One step up from taxes is cleaning the pantry. Don't ask about the expiration date on the cereal.



March 6

Sunday – Very excited to check email this morning and see that our grades for Art History were already in. I can’t believe the instructor gave me a 60 of 60 on my last paper. The face that she had the grades done so quickly makes me think she didn’t pay that much attention to the last paper – kinda the same approach I took. It was a good class and I’m glad I got an A. I certainly got a lot of writing practice and I am glad to take a two week break from that.

We headed down to the Quad Cities at 3:30. First stop was to pick-up Eric for an early dinner at Applebees. It was good to see him, and hear how his job is going and learn more about his trip to Florida. Hope it all goes well. Should be both fun and challenging and warm – that will be nice. Then we took him back to his house, and headed down to the Adler Theater for the Joe Bonamossa concert, my surprise Christmas gift to Paul. It was a theater that I had been to before with Leslie for a dance competition. A nice old theater and we had good seats in Row O on the main floor. He is a phenomenal guitarist. Truly amazing. I think he must have been a loner growing up, as you couldn’t learn to play the guitar that well unless you spent most of your young life practicing.

He played for 2 1/2 hours straight and thank goodness it was not ear-splitting loud but just enjoyable loud. I could still hear at the end. Wonderful. Paul did the driving home and I did my best to stay awake but that only worked for about half an hour so good thing he doesn’t get tired driving at night like I do.

It was a great day all around. :>)

Joe Bonamossa at the Adler Theater

Joe Bonamossa at the Adler Theater. AMAZING!

March 5

Saturday – It’s do or die time on the taxes. Time to get them done so we can turn around and get Leslie’s FAFSA done. Such fun. I love paperwork – NOT! At least the weather is somewhat dismal so there is no enticement to go outside and do something else. In the morning I gathered more information about school finances so it would be easy to plug in the numbers. Then I had errands to run, first to the bank, then the grocery store and then the library. Had a slight panic when I tried to find Leslie’s passport to take to the lock box and I couldn’t. I am not patient or particularly good at looking for something and immediately go to crabby and frantic mode when I can’t find it which was the case here. I had to leave to make it to the bank for other reasons and thought I’d look in the lock box to see if I had already put it there and just forgotten (likelihood – about 2%). Nope, it wasn’t there so onto the grocery store in a funk now. Phone rings but can’t get to it fast enough as I’m pulling into a parking place. Paul leaves a message that he’s found the missing passport on the desk. My hero! Definitely more patience than me! Well that put me in a much better mood for grocery shopping and then a quick trip to the library to pick out a few books since I am officially done with my Art History class and have 2 weeks to enjoy some reading of my own. Picked out two books and headed home to put away groceries.

After lunch, I finished Leslie’s taxes in short order. She gets $8 back – you go girl! Then onto ours. Having gotten all the figures organized in the a.m. really helped and I finished it in less than an hour. We get quite a bit back due to school credits and I was happy to see that what I paid for tuition at Columbia was mostly credited back to me. Wish I could say the same for Leslie’s but she maxed out the Hope Credit so it does help. What a nice relief to send this paperwork off to the the IRS. (Oh yeah, a dedicated person would have gone ahead and filed state taxes too, just to be able to cross Taxes off the list. I am not that person).

Is this how I want to spend my Saturday?

Is this how I want to spend my Saturday? That would be a big NO!

Tried new recipe for dinner – a marinated pork roast which was tasty with mashed potatoes and green beans and finally cut up Bob (what we call fresh pineapples lest anyone think we’re pulling a Sweeney Todd at our house). Love, love, love fresh pineapple.

Later we watched the movie “The Hangover“. It was funny, actually better than I thought it would be. We both laughed a lot and it was a good “rent it” movie.

March 4

Friday – I often think my office is so messy because I am so busy but I honestly can’t stand the thought of going on vacation and leaving it like this because I really can’t stand the thought of coming back to such a mess. So my goal between now and then is to whittle away at this mess and get all the paper sorted, and then organized, filed and/or tossed. Let’s see how that goes.

I'm ashamed to say this is my messy desk.

I'm ashamed to say this is my messy desk. And even though it's not working real well for me; will I do something about it.

It was a cold and rainy and very dreary day. I picked up take out at Imperial Palace after work and it was just OK. I hadn’t gone there for quite awhile and I remember it being better than it was tonight. Oh well, if not good, at least we got a lot of just so-so food.

Worked on my paper to finalize and hit submit – it’s probably my least favorite topic of the whole semester and I’ve got the A so I’m a little apathetic about the effort. I considered (just for a second or two) not doing it at all but couldn’t be that lazy or disrespectful of the class.

March 3

Thursday -Another surprise when I came home – a package for me. I opened it up and a very slick looking wrapped package in orange and blue from Eric. Inside – a very cool and stylish Kindle cover. Now I won’t have to worry when I take it along to San Francisco. Love it – thanks Eric!

Why it's wrapped in U of I colors!

Why it's wrapped in U of I colors!

My very cool Kindle cover - love it, love it, love it!

My very cool Kindle cover - love it, love it, love it!

March 2

Wednesday – Going into work in the morning I looked up and saw this – and happened to have a camera for a quick photo. Another busy day at work again, although the details (now 5 days later) are lost. I did go to Zumba after work and went home to a yummy supper of waffles and eggs. Working on my last paper for Art History but struggling a bit. Is it burnout or is it that the difference between Modernism and Post-Modernism is just not that clear to me. Maybe a little of both!

Looking up on the way into work.

Looking up on the way into work.

March 1

Tuesday – Another busy day at work, another night of bringing work home but I did make good progress on a large brochure project that has been getting shoved to the back burner. It was down to “do or die” time.

The appointments continue as I had an eye check-up after work. I’ve been taking my glasses off to use the computer at work because I couldn’t do the awkward head tilt to get the glasses at the correct position for eight hours a day without serious neck pain at the end of the day. I picked out some new frames for all the time use, and ordered single vision lenses to put in my old frames for computer use.

What I want is prescription sunglasses which I may treat myself too sometime soon. I’ve wanted them for about 3 years now. So I will just economize for awhile (no more shopping weekends) and save up some money and order them.

The good news was that I won a massage from Chiroworks for my excellent estimating skills. I’ll be using that sometime soon!

I'm a winner!

I'm a winner! And the heavy breathing massage thearapist is gone!